Anonymous asked:

How old are you? Do you have a degree?

I’m 26. I have a B.A. on International Relations. 

Anonymous asked:

Since you go to Bethel, I just had to ask this: Hillsong or Jesus Culture? Which one do you prefer?

Hahaha I dunno, I’ve seen them both live and I really enjoy both of them but I listen to Jesus Culture more often. 

Anonymous asked:

I don't want to clean my room but I should. By age I'm an adult but I feel 11 again and just laying on the floor, avoiding responsibility like hw. I pay you one goat to do this.

Hahaha you couldn’t pay me enough, you know why? because I need to do the same thing and I’m also procrastinating like a pro. Let’s start a support group. 

Anonymous asked:

So just a tad curious, what is it that you do for a living? If you don't mind me asking of course.

I go to Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, CA. 

Anonymous asked:

You could reassure me that it gets better and that everything only seems scattered because I'm young and don't have it figured out yet... Buttttt that would be rude considering you're with friends, or nah?

It’s ok, I don’t feel that young anymore and I don’t have stuff figured out. I don’t know if you ever feel like you arrived. It’s gonna be ok tho, the journey is quite the ride. Make sure you make the ride fun!

Anonymous asked:

Meh, and yourself?

I’m sorry that your just meh. I’m good, chillin in my new house with my old friends. Anything I can do to make your meh a yay?

Hello anons. How you guys doing tonight?



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